Patient Portal

Did you know that patients of Dr. Thomson can subscribe to Patient Portal?

Patient Portal is web based access to your medical chart which will allow you to book appointments online, see results of blood tests, and potentially review results of imaging tests (Xray, Ultrasound, MRI’s).

If you are a patient of Dr. Thomson and interested in this service please ask the receptionists to subscribe.

Laboratory tests will be available to you 4 business days after Dr. Thomson sees them. He will still call you if there are any abnormalities that he would like to deal with, so don’t worry, your usual care will continue as previous.

Breast Cancer Screening

The mobile mammogram program will be coming to Drayton Valley Feb 14th-23rd 2018. Please call 1-800-667-0604 to book an appointment

Mammograms are recommended for all women 50-74 every 2-3 years if they do not have any increased risk of breast cancer. Women with family history or personal history of breast cancer may need earlier or more frequent screening.

If you have a lump or a concern, you should see your doctor first to determine the appropriate course of action.

First blog post

Dear patients, we are very pleased to now join the online and social media communities as a means of communicating all of the wonderful aspects about our clinic with you. We are intending to keep this updated with:

  • Changes to clinic policies
  • New and exciting programs within the clinic or the community
  • Dates of any extended leave for your physician, so that you can plan in advance
  • Additional resources available to maximize and maintain your health

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Welcome to Claro Family Practice online!