General Appointments

Claro Family Practice is only booking appointments for existing patients only at this time.

To book an appointment please call:


No Scalpel Vasectomy

For Vasectomy bookings both existing and new patients may call directly. Just inform reception it is to book for a vasectomy consult with Dr. Thomson.


Online Booking:

Some of the physicians at Claro offer “Patient Portal” an online webspace that allows you to look at future appointment availability and even book directly online.

Currently Dr. Thomson is subscribed to Patient Portal. Please ask him directly if you would like to join.

Cancellation Policy:

The physicians and staff at Claro understand the complexities and demands of a busy life and understand that patients may be unable to attend appointments occasionally.

However the appointment slots available for each doctor are limited and each day we turn away many patients who have a variety of medical needs.  As such we ask that if you are unable to attend an appointment that you notify us as soon as possible so that we may use that appointment slot to help another patient.  There will not be a charge to you if reasonable notice is given.

No Show Policy:

Due to the above reasons, any No-Show appointment will be charged a fee:

  • Regular appointment – $50.00
  • Complete Medical – $100.00

The reasons for the above fees are to discourage non-attendance for booked appointments, thereby increasing the availability for other patients that may require medical care.