Claro Family Practice is proud to be affiliated with the University of Alberta and is a satellite teaching facility for both Medical students and Residents.

What is a Medical Student

A Medical student is a university student who has typically already completed a four year bachelors degree and is now enrolled in a further four years of medical education.  They are not yet medical doctors, however as part of their training the work underneath certified medical doctors to gain practical hands on skill.  Typically they will be in their third or fourth year of medical school when they join us in practice.

What is a Resident

A Resident is a medical doctor that has finished medical school but is engaging in their post graduate training for a given medical specialty.  Typically we will have residents that are engaging in their Family Medicine training.  Family Medicine residency is an additional two years of focused training across the broad spectrum that Family medicine entails. This training entails rotations in office practice, emergency medicine, surgery, inpatient care, obstetrics, and several other specialties.  Following successful completion of residency training and qualifying exams, residents will become full fledged Family Doctors!

Do I have to see a Medical Student or a Resident?

Absolutely not!  If you would prefer not to see either a Student or Resident as part of your visit, please let reception know.

However if you do choose to see a Student or a Resident you are actually helping mold and train the next generation of Doctors!

Who trains Medical Students and Residents?

Currently Dr. Thomson, Dr. Gigg, and Dr. Gossmann are involved in training Medical Students and Residents.